About Frank


Frank Guitjens (24-02-70)

The shaping of creativity has been a reoccurring theme throughout his life.
He was born and raised in Heeze. As a child he was often to be found in his father’s bakery, getting involved at an early age in all aspects of the baker’s trade. The presentation of products in the store and the shop window formed a creative outlet.
Taste, form, image and color fascinated him right from the start.
“As a child I could not get enough of the Barbapapa books.
The ultimate example of transformation.
He just changes into a slide or elephant.
That strikes the universal chord.
Nothing is what it seems and everything is multi-dimensional.
The elusiveness stimulated my imagination.”
The Graphic School then laid a broad basis for his later work. He was however, still interested in the baker’s trade so he worked as a pastry chef for a number of years. In the meantime he continued to draw and paint passionately. In 2009 he chose to work full time as an artist to focus on creating beautiful things.
“I find the exchange of form and material interesting.
The unexpected. In man, in nature and in image and texture.
Letting creativity flow and translating it on canvas, that’s what I like to do.
Create in Flow. Try out new techniques and complement surprising combinations in image color and material. A mix of styles in one whole. Like life itself. “